“To build a spiritual fellowship of faithful adherents who live daily life according to the principles of ANU and make a healthy impact in the world.”

– The ANU Way

To Minister Is To Serve

Through education and service dedicated to building family and community, we have been able to help men and women claim and sustain their life dignity.

Who We Are

ANU Life Global Ministries is a global membership-based organization dedicated to providing high quality life enrichment products and benefits to individuals and groups by promoting the dignity and innumerable value of world cultures. For more than 20 years, we have provided unconditional service to the global community. At ALGM we embrace the worlds indigenous deep truths. Through our ministerial initiatives we strive to uplift our members through the foundational understanding of the preservation of the original family model of Man, Wombmyn and Child. Our members and ministerial staffs are committed to providing healthy bonding experiences, self-determining activities, and opportunities for vital socialization to the global community’s most vulnerable members. Our role and calling is to model and teach righteous living that is in line with the Creator, to anyone who strives to stand tall in their present reality and live out the truest directions of the ANU path.

Without RITUAL there can be no community.


Your Action is Needed Now

“We recognize that our greatest merit is in our ability to root and move with a call of reformation.”

Seek Truth

The heart is where we make the decision that leads us to our greatest purpose. Help others to navigate to their critical turning points, too.

Join Our Community

The best self preservation is group preservation. Help us establish the global divine village… your actions are needed.

Spread The Word

Words are how we construct and create life. Improve the world by sending out words which create a more fertile and balanced world.

Be a Light

We need representatives of ANU culture and wisdom who will model the pathways to self actualization of which so many are in need.

Show Your Genius

Use your talent and genius to carve our your character with in the community of ANU Life Global Ministries. Bring all that you have been gifted with to the table so, that we may work together towards our cultural reclamation.


A.L.G.M. is a philanthropic organization. We could, greatly, use your time, financial support, energy, and creativity.