This document is an outline of the necessary measures that we must take as a community to insure the smooth operational flow of all our working parts for the mental and emotional balance of the members of ANU Nation. What you will find, here, is some of the rudimentary information about the effective necessity that we implement concerning the Wombmyn of ANU and the charge that we require of our Men.

The ANU Covering Initiative is an effort to ensure that every Wombmyn in ANU has a ANU Man who covers her, can advocate for her, provide her with the needed direction, and assist in her path towards righteousness. For the ANU Man the covering initiative compels an expanding of his gifts, talents, and manly insight as with the addition of each new member of his kingdom, he is forced to expand his capability for homestead stewardship and compassion.

We must ensure that the Wombmyn of ANU are mentally systematized and regimented towards their highest selves, while the Men of ANU are showing and proving their aptitude to function as Men.


  • An undertaking to preserve the righteous standing of each ANU member.
  • A commitment required to maintain the mental sanity and emotional maturity of
    ANU members.
  • A method of supporting the hierarchal structure within ANU Nation.
  • The assuring of accountability in ANU Women and responsibility in ANU Men.


  • The initiative is not mate pairing. You are under no obligation from this governing body to pursue an amorous relationship with the individual that you are being covered by or covering.
  • This is not a substitution for pursuing a healthy and righteous spiritual union with a coupling partner.
  • The initiative is not a verification that you are “coverable” as a Wombmyn or fully capable to cover as a Man. That is being ascertained, still, and addressed. This experience is still a part of your training and reformation.
  • The covering initiative is not optional.


  1. What if I do not “like” the person that I am paired with?
    Fondness for your covering or who you are covering, have nothing to do with your assignment. The relationship is based upon responsibility, cooperation, and accountability, not moods and approaches.
  2. What are my responsibilities towards a Wombmyn I cover, as a Man?
    You should perceive the Wombmyn as you would a platonic female family member or maid servant in your home. You are not responsible for the physical food, shelter, or raiment of the Wombmyn that you cover but, if she has difficulty organizing and securing those essentials, you are required to regiment those areas of her life with her. You should also be actively preparing her for a mate of her own, to the best of your ability, and actively fielding potential mates for her (If she is not currently your mate).
  3. What are my responsibilities towards a Man covering me, as a Wombmyn?
    As a Wombmyn, you are required to be open and honest with the Man covering you. You are required to communicate your concerns and questions with him as they pertain to ANU doctrine and any points of clarification that you require. You should be assisting the individual covering you in accomplishing his goals. This is a process of reciprocity.
  4. How long does this cover arrangement last?
    We do not promote any Wombmyn in ANU to remain uncovered for more than 12 months after her induction into ANU. Ideally your covering should be assisting you in preparing for and assimilating into a homestead within that 12 months. If, for any reason, it should be extended beyond that one year range your individual situation will be reviewed by ANU Jegnas.

“Wombmyn are not designed to walk through the world uncovered.”

“There may, also, be occasions when a family will take in a Wombmyn under their homestead covering. …This should not be done as a replacement for matehood or to tacitly woo her into mating with the Man of the house. All ANU Wombmyn must be covered, at all times.
“No individual should be left comfortless or without direction and guidance. As the Head Jegna of Anu provides leadership and guidance to the Men of ANU, the Men of ANU should serve in the same role for the Wombmyn and children of ANU.”

“Isaiah 4:1
And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

This bible scripture speaks of a time that is so rife with calamity and war that men will seek leadership and it will be seldom found. Consequently, Wombmyn will seek men with the shame level of desperation. Wombmyn will have the ability to acquire resources for themselves but, will carry the same of childlessness and single-hood (having no covering). …Their greatest reproach is not being covered by a Patriarch.

This desperation will cause them to “take hold” of one man. This means that they will abandon their customary bashfulness and pursue men aggressively.”

For internal use only – Prepared by Chief Yuya