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ANU Womb

This Is A Call of Commitment


ANU Womb Is...

ANU Womb is the branch of ANU Life Global Ministries which focuses on unifying the directed powers of the feminine to maintain the structure of ANU. A collective of women who function within the framework of ANU with mutual devotion and integrity at its helm. ANU Wombmyn follow the heirarchy of ANU and are covered by the ANU Man. The essential focus of ANU Womb is to mobilize wombmyn who see the value and purpose of ANU as a cultural imperative.

What Is An ANU Wombmyn?

The ANU Wombmyn is the ANU Man’s representative in the home and community. ANU Wombmyn are knowingly designed for ANU Men and are natural born women. Directed and molded Wombmyn who endeavor to attain superior femininity, cultural focus and are purpose driven by ANU’s Mission. 

“She is a smartened, gentle person, with the ability to assist her head in meeting his vision, mission, and desires.”

The ANU Way Foundations, Vol. 1

ANU Wombmyn are nuturing and supportive, and our community offers a safe environment to learn, grow and give. She endeavors to seek out and establish experiences that engage other sisters emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Experiences which allow for the release of analysis and thought. 

ANU Womb Objectives:

  • Develop a collective of sisters who move as a unit under the structure and principles of ANU.
  • Establish and maintain authentic relationships.
  • Establish money partnerships built on authentic relationships.
  • Increase knowledge of investments via education and co-creation.

The Womb Room

Watch our Womb Room series for more content from the sisters of  ANU. The Womb Room is space for women to be open and share on the benefits of living healthy culture and standing unapolagetically in their natural roles.

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