Red Wrap

The Red Wrap Initiative

Addressing a Public Health Need

The Red Wrap Initiative is a collaborative volunteer project that aims to build upon existing efforts to eliminate stigma and provide education around menstruation and reproductive health. The distribution of much needed menstrual hygiene products to unsheltered and disadvantaged women will allow room to safely address and maintain menstrual health.


Menstruation is a different experience for each woman. The volume of menstrual fluid varies from one individual to the next, requiring some women to need more or less supplies during their cycle. While some major cities have made efforts to provide access to feminine hygiene products for disadvantaged women (i.e., removing tampon taxes; NYC passed law in 2016 to provide  menstrual products to correctional facilities, shelters, and public schools), varying individual demands ensure that the need for adequate supplies still exist. Consequently, menstrual hygiene products remain one of the most needed resources, yet the least donated.





HELP USA (Brownsville Women’s Center & Manhattan Valley)

Henry Street Settlement

The Drueding Center


Upcoming Events

Coming Soon! – NYC

Past Distribution Events and Workshops

March 8, 2018 – Red Wrap Launch

May 28, 2018 –  Help USA, NYC

October 18, 2018 – Henry Street Settlement, NYC

November 15, 2019  –  The Drueding Center & Covenant House PA, Philadelphia

October 2018 at Henry Street Settlement


The “Red Wrap” Initiative aims to address the fundamental public health needs for the maintenance of menstrual health and hygiene disadvantaged women. ANU Life Global Ministries (ALGM), an international community fostering organization, will partner with community organizations, schools and women’s shelters to donate and distribute menstrual hygiene products (sanitary napkins/pads, tampons, and liners).

ALGM will partner with various organiations to host targeted events surrounding the donation and subsequent of menstrual hygiene products. Events will take part in two phases: (1) a Kick-Off event marking the beginning of the donation drive in March 2018, and (2) the Distribution day in May 2018 where supplies and accompanying workshops will be provided to shelter clients (and women in need if applicable). ALGM will also
support partnered shelter to provide accompanying educational materials on reproductive and menstrual health.


It is the Mission of ALGM via the Red Wrap Initiative to provide women of all ages with products, services, and knowledge that fulfills their feminine hygiene needs and wants in a manner that is reverent and uplifting. Our welcoming, knowledgeable, and professional team of volunteers will educate, serve, and inspire under-served groups of women via product disbursement events, workshops, and individual assistance.

ALGM will donate all menstrual hygiene products to partnered shelter, as well as provide volunteers to assist with sorting, grouping and distribution of supplies as well as menstrual hygiene management training/workshops. Final distribution methods are contingent upon intake protocols and occupancy of selected shelter on day of event.




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