About Us

About Us

Everything there is to know about us.

Your Actions Are Needed

Face your Truth

At the heart we make our decision that leads us to our greatest purpose. Help others to navigate to their critical turning points, too.

Join our Community

The best self preservation is group preservation. Help us establish the global divine village.

Spread the word

Words are how we construct and create life. Improve the world by sending out words which create a more fertile and balanced world.

Be a Light

We need representatives of ANU culture and wisdom who will model the pathways to self actualization that so many are in need of.

Show your Genius

Use your talent and genius to carve our your character with in the community of ANU Life Global Ministries. Bring all that you have been gifted with to the table so, that we may work together towards our cultural reclamation.


A.L.G.M. is a philanthropic organization. We could, greatly, use your time, financial support, energy, and creativity.

Truth is Everywhere

At ANU Life Global Ministries we embrace the worlds indigenous deep truths. We are not an all-inclusive ministry but, we do acknowledge the congruent truths that build the core principles of many of the worlds ancient spiritual traditions. As our Chief Jegna often says, “Functional spiritual systems all have the same objective. Where you see the deviation from that root is where you will find the lie”.

ANU Life Global Ministry is a community organization dedicated to providing high quality life enrichment products and benefits to individuals and groups, globally, by promoting the dignity and innumerable value of world cultures. Our members and ministerial staffs are committed to providing healthy bonding experiences, self-determining activities, and opportunities for vital socialization to the global community’s most vulnerable members.

Your proximity to nature is your proximity to power.

Learn the ANU Way

Enroll in our spiritual course at the Sadulu House. Once you complete your training you will then be eligible to test to become a minister via the ANU Spiritual Order.

The 14 Afrakan Principles

The ANU Life Global Ministries spiritual doctrine and guiding principles are based on what we call “The 14 Afrakan Principles”. These principles draw from the Nguzo Saba and Principles of Ma’at.

The “14 Afrakan Principles” covers the internal and external work needed for individuals to reclaim their right mind, body, and spirit.

Internal Principles

  1. Harmony
  2. Truth
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Even-handedness
  5. Righteousness
  6. Order
  7. Balance

External Principles

  1. Umoja- Unity
  2. Kujichagalia -Self Determination/Actualization
  3. Ujaama -Cooperative Economics
  4. Ujima- Collective Work and Responsibility
  5. Nia – Purpose
  6. Kuumba- Creativity
  7. Imani – Faith

Movement Leader

Chief Yuya
Chief Jegna
H. Yuya Assaan-ANU is the founder of the ANU Nation. Head spiritual guide and leader of ANU Life Global Ministries.

All events are significant. This life journey is a dream produced by your soul in order to wake your mind up to its true self.