ANU 2022 Winter Solstice Retreat

Warriors, Healers, Builders

“We are a community of warrior scholars and healers” – The ANU Way

The winter cold brings The People from Heaven closer together. There is warmth in community. For our 2002 Winter Retreat, we camped in cabins in North Florida among the picturesque backdrop of centuries old Spanish moss covered Oaks and quiet lakes. We used this space in time to focus on preparedness and begin to traverse the road to one accord. What happens if you find yourself without enough water before reaching your rendezvous point? Do you know how to source it, purify it?

We communed as well as made honest efforts demonstrate methods of obtaining drinking water in wild. Did we get there? Follow us on Social media and find out. ANU are warriors, healers and builders here to do the bidding of The Most High… and have fun while we do it.

“There are no exceptions to the preparation of the warrior temperament.”

ANU 2022 Summer Solstice Retreat

Be Inspired

A community inspired is a community imbued with spirit. What Spirit? That which is of The Most High.

This summer we took our seasonal leave of the rigors of the world and communed in nature. Our 6-day retreat commenced on July 7th at Lakeside Retreats in Raleigh, NC was just what the Creator ordered. Thirty Anubians together inspiring one another through activities, building and sharing space. This time around members taught and learned from one another – fishing, axe and knife play, archery, boxing, and much more to be inspired.

Spirit means breath. To be inspired is to take in breath.


ANU 2022 Spring Equinox Retreat


Retreat (re· treat | ri-ˈtrēt): an act of moving back, removing or withdrawing, especially from something dangerous, difficult, or disagreeable;  to go to a place of privacy or safety

Do you have a place of safety to which you can retreat? Making time to retreat from  the rigors heaped upon us by worldly functions is crucial to resetting the mind. The ANU sync ourselves with the universe’s natural occurrences like the Vernal Equinox (Spring) to reset. Spring is a time of renewal. It is when the biting frost of winter is melted away by the coming of the sun and rebirth – new life is brought forth. This is the REAL new year. In ANU, we recognize this time with our Annual Spring Equinox Retreat.

Our proximity to nature is our proximity to power. 

On March 24th, 2022, ANU community members attended an in-person 5 day retreat  at the D&D Outdoor Retreat campsite in Wrightsville, GA. Both adults and youth camped out together to nurture our mind, bodies and spirits. Members enjoyed horseback riding, fishing, paddle boats, hikes among many other communal activities aimed at feeding the spirit:

  • In Person Shema Readings – removing ourselves from the virtual space and studying scripture and Biblical precepts together is key understanding Yah’s LAW.
  • Naming Ceremony – members received new titles and attributes as a step forward to gain mastery over self. “A name is vital fraction to one’s own self-actualization.” Our naming ceremony is the embodiment of Kujichagulia (self-determination) – to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.
  • Fireside Poetry and Song – Fire is the most steadfast element. While it cannot be changed it  in turn can change everything it touches. Thoughts, emotions and feelings were revealed and released at the fire which left room for clear minds.

This retreat was life-enhancing and allowed members to strengthen our minds and overall senses.

When one moves to reset with A-Alikes (those who are similar to us, or “cut from the same cloth”) we not only work on the getting to a place of harmony within ourselves, but we trigger what is needed to be united, or one with our community – we strive to attain Umoja (Unity).

We, ANU look forward to our Summer Solstice 2022  retreat in North Carolina. This event is exclusive to ANU members who have completed orientation. If you would like to begin orientation in anticipation of the next event, please apply to be sponsored for membership within ALGM today!