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ALGM Africa Initiative

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The Aim

We are currently developing a small retreat space in Ghana for ANU members as well as those of the Diaspora. There we will provide the following:

  • Retreat Center
  • Informational  and cultural exchange
  • Healing escape from the rigors of the diaspora
  • Lodging for foreign visitors to Ghana
  • Rites of Passage Experiences (ANU Members) – Births, Naming Ceremonies, Marriages, Ceremonies from Boys and Girls, etc)

We Are Building a Village

Your offerings will help us expand our village sites to foster cultural exchange throughout the Diaspora.

Land Acquisition...

…Where it all starts. In order to realize the vision securing land had to be first on the list. Offerings allow us to continue expanding to the best places.

“We envision positioning ourselves geographically, in a way in which we can fellowship with one another without the interruption of any secular system alien to our own.”

– The ANU Way

Retreat and Healing Space

Cultural Exchanges

Lodgings for Diaspora

Rites of Passage Experiences

We are currently providing technology instruction, youth sponsorships, and employment opportunities in the Central Region, Ghana.