ALGM New Member Welcome Packet

Head of ANU Life Global Ministries

Welcome to ANU Life Global Ministries. Welcome, Welcome Welcome! I am glad that you are here. ANU is a place full of wisdom, guidance, and movement. The ANU Life Global Ministries work towards the awakening and cultivation of the intrinsic genius in all our members. The ANU Global Ministries stand firm on the tried and proven principles of  indigenous  culture and conception. ANU is a movement that cultivates economic, spiritual, cultural, idealogical, physical, and familial health of it’s members via formalized instruction , member participation land trust, rites of passage, and personalized support.

– Chief Yuya

Now, let’s take a moment to introduce you to the coordinators of the ANU Men and ANU Womb. They will be your first point of contact if you have any concerns or questions. Click on all images to learn more.

Coordinator for ANU Men and ANU Wombmyn



Yom Rishon (1st day) at 8pmest: Men’s Call 

Yom Rishon (1st day) at 6pmest: Upper Body Resistance Training for Wombmyn 

Every Yom Shlishi (3rd day) at 6pmest: Core Strength Training for Wombmyn 

Every Yom Shishi (6th day) at 7pmest: Study Session w/Chief Yuya (For All) 

Every Sabbath (7th day) 12pmest: Chief Yuya Sabbath Insight 


Retreats occur during Summer Solstice once a year
Activities at retreats: 

  • Betrothals – A ceremony after a courtship has been completed and an agreement has been reached between the man and the Wombmyn. SEE HERE
  • Name Changes – A ceremony where a new name is bestowed upon you by the leaders in the community. As you progress through community sanctioned rite of passage experiences your name and title will reflect those new merits. SEE HERE
  • Courting Applications – When an ANU Man or Wombmyn is interested in vetting an ANU brother or sister in preparation for union.
  • Healing Workshops — Experiences facilitated for the spiritual and emotional well-being of our members and guest.
  • Meditation — Allows our members and guest to connect more deeply with themselves and with others who are attending the retreat.
  • Outdoor Activities — Allows us to bond and connect with nature. These activities include hiking, outdoor games, etc.
  • Survival Activities — Allows us to practice surviving in nature and to utilize all the knowledge and skills that we’ve learned as it pertains to survival preparedness.
  • Talks/Build Sessions. — Allows our members and guest to share knowledge and wisdom while sharpening their sword.

You can view our calendar HERE to stay up to date on all our events 

For retreat questions, reach out to and put “retreat” in the subject line.






Here is a playlist to aid the ANU man and Wombmyn in their respective roles. SEE HERE


Here is a helpful playlist for how to prepare you and your family in case of an emergency

Education Augmentation Initiative

The Education Augmentation Initiative was created to assist our members with achieving higher aspirational goals.

“Education is the key to wealth.”

“We must ensure that our education  leads us to careers where entrepreneurship is the only  destination.”

– The ANU Way Foundations

Every member must have a LinkedIn account, refer to head coordinators for further assistance. That will be Achi Zach for the men and Achoti Moreyah for the wombmyn. 


These are the tools that will help you click here for more.


Subscribe to the following YouTube channels for your edification. 

Chief Yuya

Chief Yuya – 2nd channel

House of Yuya

ANU Life Global Ministries

ANU Nation

ANU Radio

The Orisha

Sadulu House


Expectations for our members  

  • We encourage each and every member to recruit and participant in the space. Participation is crucial, sitting back quietly means you only came to receive, this is a service based ministry so be a force and ADD something. 
  • For our team meetings, we expect for members to be fully present and to have their camera on. 
  • We expect members to represent ANU, one of the ways you do this is by sharing ANU Content on your social media channels.  
  • We expect members to have a bug out bag, refer to the emergency preparedness playlist listed above. 
  • We expect all the ANU Wombmyn to refrain from teaching the ANU Men in the space.  
  • We expect our members to speak up, if they see any of the ANU laws and expectations being violated. Don’t be afraid to speak on any dysfunction you may see.  
  • Sisters should always seek direction from their Mate and/or covering first and foremost. 

Every ANU Member will be ranked. Your ranks will be given to you soon.

Any questions regarding your Onboarding Process please reach out to Achoti Sequoia.