Spring Into Action

The Equinox requires change. During this seasonal change, you are charged with stretching beyond your current comforts. When you hang on to what makes you sick or operate in a dysfunctional manner, there will always be suffering.

Some examples of the ways you can cause your own suffering would be: The inability to trust or be vulnerable, lack reciprocity in a communal space ; therefore vilifying the community, and the unwillingness to apply knowledge given by those put in place to lead you.

Your words and actions will be telling when you are presented with an opportunity to change. Are your responses defensive or reflective? Are you merely saying what needs to be said to prevent the probing of your community or are you speaking from an honest perspective? Authenticity cannot be mimicked.

In the Enlightenment and Transformation segment, The Wheel of Life Spring Equinox , Chief Yuya discusses the components of the Wheel of Life and how it represents continuous change. Here, we are also introduced to the understanding that the Wheel represents the Hebraic letter kaf “כ“. Kaf represents the hand; grasping.

Are you able to recognize the hand you have in both your suffering and ability to change and go through new doors?

A word of caution, you must not get stuck in the cycle of identifying with one particular season or lunar positioning. When presented with the tools to evolve, the spirit of urgency should always be present. When presented with insight, directives and laws that will push through life’s initiations, ACT.


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What are some trackable goals you want to accomplish during this Spring season?


” During each solstice and equinox, we fast for three days wherein we ingest no solid food but, only liquid. If you can ingest no food or liquid that is best but, if not then liquids only. During the time of our fast, we ingest the word of the Creator with great introspection and sensitivity. – ANU WAY | FASTS

Beginning Marcy 20th, We will begin our 3 day fast. You are also welcomed to do 7, 14 or 21 days. If you have questions please ask and anyone of us will be happy to offer supportive responses. For more information , recipes and innerstandings on Fasting within the ANU community:



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