Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan is a joyous month for spiritual growth. During this time, we do not fast from food alone but, rid ourselves of all bad habits. In this time of sacrifice, be discipline, surrender worldly pleasures and submit to The Most High.

Willfully this experiece has become easier for you. Be clear with your intentions and commit fully to your fast, as your efforts will be rewarded with a renewed spirit.

As we enter the second strong of Ramadan, we know many of you are excited about the progress you have made or will make during this time. We are excited for you! If this is your first time doing this fast, one of the things you may have realized, is that after the fourth or fifth day of this sacred experience, it becomes much easier. You do not have the desire to gorge yourself on food come sundown or wake up extra early to gorge yourself before the sun rises. You begin to develop a different kind of sensitivity within your body. Thank you all for joining in the sacred journey. 

Remember to hydrate before sunrise and after sunset. Hydration is the key. We are taking in plenty of soups, stews, and fresh juices. This will ensure that you have plenty of energy and thought power throughout the day.


ANU would like to hear from you with the answer to our weekly question. Come build with us via our social media!  

What are some goals you have set for this Ramadan Season?


This passed strong the ANU Family had the opportunity to come together and experience one another in person. With nature as the scenic background, the family lived and build together the way The Most High intended. There was fishing, paddle boating, horseback riding, along with sacred and invaluable lessons from our head Jegna, Chief Yuya.

During this time, some of the family received new names, or attributes from Chief Yuya. Whether you received an attribute or not, this calls for a focus on the importance of a name. The ANU Way states that when you are called by a specific name, more significantly the name of The Almighty, you are being drawn by the characteristics inherent in that name. What does your current name say about you?

If you were unable to attend the Spring 2022 Retreat, be on the look out for information on the next family gathering, Summer 2022.



ANU Youth Initiative, Summer 2022, We are excited to share our new education ministries with the world – beginning with our Youth Initiative. This Spring, ANU will be offering a series of classes for youth of all ages. The series will focus on the history of Hebrew people – who we are, where we come from and where we are now. All classes are FREE! Click here for more information.


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MOVIE BREAKDOWNS: Brother Lo will be providing Movie Innerstandings of You Lie In this Yom Chamisi (Thursday, April 3, 2022) @8:30 pm on the Enlightenment and Transformation YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/EnlightenmentandTransformationTV
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