If Not Now, When? 

As members of ANU, it is our daily charge to refine our relationship and adhere to the business and culture of the Most High Yah. Let us recall the story of Yeshua when traveling with his parents in Luke 2:41-52. When discovering their son was missing at the conclusion of the trip, it took three days to discover Yeshua in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions.  When questioned about his actions, the young Yeshua responded, “Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business? “

”Discipline in a relationship is based on an ability to submit to the doctrine that rules the community that the betrothal nest inside of”.

The ANU Way, Foundations, Vol 1

When we embody the discipline of the young Yeshua through faithful submission in our daily governance there will be no question to whom we are betrothed to and what mission we are called to carry out. We must be authentic and dedicated to our processes in order for our nation to thrive. 

Episode 56: The One  Chief Yuya 

Episode 56: The One Podcast Archives – Chief Yuya

The one is our center of value. What is The One? For each person, it will have a different meaning. Some look outside of themselves to discover The One, while others seek a thorough knowledge of self to discover the secret worth of their own divine spark. In this session, we explore the laws of […] The post Episode 56: The One appeared first on Chief Yuya.

“It is the one – it is the individual who is able to come into knowledge of self that brings value to everything that comes after it.”

Chief Yuya Podcast, The One

The theme of this strong is Modelship.

As members of ANU we are called to model heavenly royalty in order to sustain the Kingdom of the Most High Yah. It is through that modeling we are able to transform the complacency and sickness in ourselves and others we encounter, for we are the agents of change. 

Take a moment to assess your daily actions, thoughts and emotions. Do all of these components align with the business of the Most High Yah and ANU doctrine?    


“And he said to them, “Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business“?

Luke 2:49 (KJV)


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The ANU Way Vol. 1 - Foundations

The ANU Way Vol.1: Foundations

This work is yours, free of charge. If you are led to leave an offering for the work, thank you, in advance. To download your copy, you must set a price, even if it is zero.

This publication should be read daily. Listen to each line and examine it. Every line in this book can be taken out of context and studied on the strength of its own potential. The truth is to be deliberated and this manuscript provides exactitude that will, one day, become your standard of natural sense.

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