Disrupted Thoughts

As we function in our roles under the ANU covering initiative, we have identified the severity of our disobedience to the will of the Creator. Through western influences, we have become accustomed to and mislead by the organized chaos of a toxic pseudo-matriarchal society. The programming of the secular world has left many women uncovered and enticed to head up the household. Any seed can be planted in an uncovered female causing disharmony and detriment to the bloodline. The goal of the western mindset is to prevent the rise of the Black Messiah and it disrupts the will of Yah.   Patriarchy is the choice of the Creator.

“As the Man is the head, the Wombmyn is the body. The body must be nourished and tended to in order for it to correctly function in tandem with the head.”

The ANU Way, Foundations, Vol. 1

Men heading up households is the beginning of nation building. The relationship he builds with the Creator has to be disseminated to his wife and children. When you have the covenant to the Creator, Patriarchy is the only way to seal it. Patriarchy establishes ownership and a direct line of ownership is necessary for accountability. 

Patriarchy | The Foundation of Nation Building

There are things that have to be restored for the spirit of the Creator to live within us. When we build upon the divine principles that were originally implanted, Yah expands us and the old unnatural mind and spirit dies.  The theme for this strong is Restoration.

Restoration is the process of returning something back to it’s good condition or position. As The ANU, we are compelled to restore the kingdom of Yah. By following LAW, we can reclaim the inheritance of the original man.   


“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

Do you know how to play Chess?

Chess is a powerful educational tool. Knowledge of this “game” strengthens cognitive skills.


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The ANU Way Vol. 1 - Foundations

The ANU Way Vol.1: Foundations

This work is yours, free of charge. If you are led to leave an offering for the work, thank you, in advance. To download your copy, you must set a price, even if it is zero.

This publication should be read daily. Listen to each line and examine it. Every line in this book can be taken out of context and studied on the strength of its own potential. The truth is to be deliberated and this manuscript provides exactitude that will, one day, become your standard of natural sense.

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