How Do You Deal With Adversity?

As the seasons change around us, we find ourselves in the midst of the disarray of Babylon. Each day, whether it be through media or personal interactions, we are made apparent of these adversarial ways and are called to choose whom we serve. Our faith in what it is we proclaim to be and reflect is put to test; requiring us to be who we say we are. 

“Our perpetuation of a natural family model is the greatest proselytizing of our faith.”

The ANU Way, Foundations, Vol 1

In Command The Day 9.13 | Encouragement Chief Yuya states it is our faithfulness that will get us through in times of adversity. What does faith look like within ANU? Do we trust one another? If we are all living by the same structure of principles. we can put our faith in the active principles that are alive in each of us.

Command The Day 9.13 | Encouragement

We are called to pause and reflect on the grace that has been shown to us by the Most High Yah. In return, our gratitude must be shown in our works and not our proclamations of good deeds. 


And it shall come to pass, if you shall hearken diligently unto the voice of YHWH your Elohim, to observe to do all His commandments which I command you this day, that YHWH your Elohim will set you on high, above all the nations on the earth.

Deuteronomy 28:1 (KJV)

Question of the Strong:

What Do You Encourage?

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August 19th, 2022

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If you are interested in learning more or joining ANU, you can apply to be considered for membership and sponsored by a current ANU member.

The ANU Way Vol. 1 - Foundations

The ANU Way Vol.1: Foundations

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This publication should be read daily. Listen to each line and examine it. Every line in this book can be taken out of context and studied on the strength of its own potential. The truth is to be deliberated and this manuscript provides exactitude that will, one day, become your standard of natural sense.

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