The Bond of The Community.

Our conduct should reflect our daily charge to ingest the wisdom of the Most High Yah and the ANU culture as written in The ANU Way tome. When obedient to the culture and daily ritual of this righteous living, the question of what is in alignment and what should be renounced will not exist. 
How we interact with one another directly reflects our connection with the Creator. Our code of conduct is what binds this community and holds us accountable for how we speak and engage with one another. 
Let’s recall the words of Chief Yuya : 

“The same posturing you use with your deity, take that posturing with those you call kin and those within your community. Speak to them as if they are your deity if you want to raise the God up out of them”. 

Chief Yuya

The Uprising | INSTAGRAM SHORT | Chief Yuya

The theme for this strong is Expansion.  

As children of the Most High YAH we are called to take our values and wisdom of the LAW and expand our community and homestead. It is through this expansion we display our innerstanding of who and what we are called to do in this season. 

Is your conduct a hindrance or a help within your community? What actions must you take to become a more faithful adherent, or do you continue modeling right behavior?

“The ANU code of conduct is the bond of the community. It is our way of doing things that codifies our common promise and spirit of devotion to our sacred causes.”

The ANU Way, Foundations, Vol 1 – Conduct


“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.”

Proverbs 21:2(KJV)

Question of the Strong:

Is your CONDUCT a hindrance or a help within your community?

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If you are interested in learning more or joining ANU, you can apply to be considered for membership and sponsored by a current ANU member.

The ANU Way Vol. 1 - Foundations

The ANU Way Vol.1: Foundations

This work is yours, free of charge. If you are led to leave an offering for the work, thank you, in advance. To download your copy, you must set a price, even if it is zero.

This publication should be read daily. Listen to each line and examine it. Every line in this book can be taken out of context and studied on the strength of its own potential. The truth is to be deliberated and this manuscript provides exactitude that will, one day, become your standard of natural sense.

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