Obedience is better than sacrifice.

We are in the season of fasting and embarking on Winter Solstice. Let’s not focus on what we are giving up but what we are gaining through obedience to our purpose. We have inherited an abundance of knowledge and wisdom and with that understanding comes great responsibility. ANU are leaders, therefore we must always maintain order, not only in our community and family but, within our temple. Balancing the aspects of self will ensure we stay in alignment with our mission. 

During the time of our fast, we ingest the word of the Creator with great introspection and sensitivity. The elimination of our physical food provides an opportunity to be fed and sustained by the spiritual gifts bestowed upon us from YAH. Let’s take this opportunity to extend our gratitude through our good works and dedication to our culture. In this moment and going forward, we can minister to the needs of others, break any binds of addictions and temptations, and dig deeper into the scriptures and doctrine that strengthens us within ANU. Fasting is an opportunity to humble yourself before The Most High.

Remember, with obedience, there is no need for sacrifice. There is no need to surrender or give up anything as long as we remain dutiful. For many, since the inception of this journey, there may be many actions that we seek to renounce and repent in order to move toward redemption. 

What were some of the things you are willing to and have sacrificed in order to fully adhere to our culture?


For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

Hosea 6:6 (KJV)

Action of the Strong:

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