Get Serious About Your Healing.

ANU is a Hospital. There is no way around that. You are here to take back the health that the mishandling that occurred in your environment has taken from you. Some of the hospital staff are former patients. Some are still patients but, have earned trustee positions. 

This journey is not for the faint of heart. I mentioned the idea of reformation to you and that can be a painful process. It can be compared to resetting a bone that was broken and regrown with a malformation because it was not properly attended to. I know there are times when we see the physician, have the bone reset, get the cast, and then in short time rip the cast off. Our impatience with ourselves and the abuse we lay upon our sensitive systems tend to exacerbate our issues, unnecessarily. Everything, and everyone, has a process to heal that must be followed. We go to those versed in healing to guide us through said process. 

The raising of our consciousness and base intelligence is never as pretty as people would have you imagine. Even our first breath and expansion of our chest cavity required great effort. Your internal obstructions and vampirical energies just don’t leave because you ask them to. They have to be cast out when you are at your god-state. 

Episode 25: Getting Serious | Chief Yuya

This sacred endeavor comes with great reward, not only for us but for our future generations. Think beyond yourself. Think beyond your children. Think beyond their children. Consider your great-grandchildren. Think of the effort you can aspire to, today, that will create a better reality for them upon their arrival. That is the real work. It isn’t just about our immediate gratification. In fact, pursuits of immediate gratification have caused many of us the bulk of the pain we experience today. We do this work so that we can reform and reclaim the best parts of our heritage. 

Consider the value of a matrilineal system. It is through the proper selection and mating practices of the mother that the royal line is maintained with proper pedigree. This level of learning and community building will raise your stock! 

Like I said, you can use this all as an opportunity to step forward with renewed curiosity and zeal for your own development or you can fall back into the crevices of predetermined patterned mental ghettos. On this first day of the new calendar year, some are already questioning their ability to truly manifest all of the great values that they claim they have functioning within their own nature. Some have answered with an affirmative, others a negative. Do not fear shrinkage. Purging brings you down to the primary essentials. 
I advocate quality over quantity. This collective voyage is unlike anything you will encounter in this day and time. It actually will fix the dysfunction that we are so blue about. ANU is an answer that many are running from. Those of you who remain, will be models of growth and reformation for thousands more. The small nucleus must have integrative authenticity at its very core. This is where we get past the fluff rhetoric handed to you by the conscious groups and new age time wasters. This is the time where we get to see if “this stuff actually works”, after all. 
Now, ANU, roll your sleeves up and put in the real ministry work. You can get nothing done, until you bring all of you to the temple. You can’t focus while in the temple if you know what your family is not well (or it doesn’t exist). Our spiritual exploration through the mind of the universe opens us up to more intelligent ways of conducting ourselves. This work should make you smarter, if you are doing it. That great intelligence now shows you that no obstacles is too great to traverse. If you make it too great, you are doing so in your mind and are establishing your own private mental prison. We don’t support the prison industrial complex in any shape, form, or fashion. 
ANU is not about more bondage. The 14 keys, bringing you to the sacred 5. 5 is the number of freedom. Freedom is obtained through the Knowledge (1) and application of your Culture (4). 
Chief Yuya   


Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.

Jeremiah 17:14 (KJV)

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The ANU Way Vol.1: Foundations

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