The Price of Freedom

Consider your spending within an average day. How much do you spend unnecessarily? Do you order from the newest restaurant around the corner for lunch with the team or can you pack your lunch? Do you need that Starbucks or can you brew your own coffee at home? Do you even need that coffee? Some expenses you accept because of your daily function but take the time to consider if that spending is even necessary.

All spending should be considered an investment. Prudently limit the purchase of depreciating assets.

The ANU Way | Spending

In these unprecedent times, how should you be spending? How you spend your money shows what you value. Simply, money should be put into three places: Savings Storehouse, Investments and Currency in Hand. You save to meet your future needs and you invest to have a praiseworthy return on your investments.

 All things considered, if you had to stay in your home for 60 consecutive days , would you be able to pull from what you’ve stored and packed in preparation, or will you look around your home at the unnecessary things that merely fill up space?

 Are you truly free if you are unable to properly manage and distribute your money toward your sustainability and exodus from the dependency of a dysfunctional society?

Stash the Money! | Bugout Bag Part 2 | @ChiefYuya


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