We must make conscious decisions about who we create families with.  Family creation shouldn’t be from the result of making the best out of a hook up.  It is a revered work we engage in when we create family, as we are recreating the celestial makeup of our Elohim – man, wombmyn, child. Thus, The Creator always sits in the midst of the family unit that models as a reflection.  When Man, woman, child is present and there is a shared system of values, mores and principles, then we are moving closer to what a family is. If we don’t take the decision to recreate family seriously, we can repeat generational curses. 

“The decision to create family, and whom to engage in the revered work with is one of the most important judgments we can make in our entire lives.” 

The ANU Way, Vol. 1, Foundations

Making a Family Strong | Enlightenment & Transformation

The family is a microcosm of the community – a critical building block.  A loving and respectful family is one that is full of listening and understanding.  Love is the connection that provides cohesion in family.  Romanticizing ideas of what feels good isn’t a basis for love. It is the cohesiveness in values, principles and mores keeps a family intact.  Understanding is an integral part of a family.  When we lack understanding, we create acts of hatred against one another. 


“And leading his house well, and keeping his children in submission; in all purity.”

1 Timothy 3:4 (KJV)




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The ANU Way Vol. 1 - Foundations

The ANU Way Vol.1: Foundations

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This publication should be read daily. Listen to each line and examine it. Every line in this book can be taken out of context and studied on the strength of its own potential. The truth is to be deliberated and this manuscript provides exactitude that will, one day, become your standard of natural sense.

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