Planting the Seed

The Seed

Man selects what seed is given to the soil. He assesses what the soil needs in order to be enlivened according to the Creator. Having seed that do not come from an heir are detrimental to the soil enrichment process. Nature will not recognize seeds without culture and if brought to bloom, would be an abomination.

The seeds or knowledge received from The Most High is what man instills into his wombmyn. This culture will be cultivated by the wombmyn and the offspring produced by their union will thrive from her applied wisdom.

The Soil

Soil, by definition is the layer of earth in which plants grow. Its purpose is to receive and cultivate whatever seed it is given. You can determine the soil quality by what it grows. Wombmyn, like soil should be willing to accept the necessary correction and tilling from the Man in order to become fertile enough to receive the seed that is give,

This transformation of soil from being without purpose and into an active source coincides with the motivation of the ANU Covering Initiative.

The Covering

In the ANU WAY, it states that all males of adult age should exercise loving authority/cover overall wombmyn and children under the covering of the homestead. This is the same process utilized in framing. When the land does not have its proper nutrients and unable to grow, cover crops are used to enrich the soil.

When a wombmyn is covered, she undergoes a refinement process that ensures she is mate-able. Once she is nourished and tended to, she can then function properly as the manager of the homestead.

The ANU are always moving to expand. Whether the goal is nation building, becoming masters in our profession or securing generational wealth, stagnation will prevent us from actualizing the mission. Changing the way we think by implementing ANU doctrine will lead to actions that ensure our increase.


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How do you describe the relationship between the seed and the soil?



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