A directed ANU Man and a receptive ANU Wombmyn are complements to one another that can support and enhance each other in various ways. They balance one another. A directed ANU Man emphasizes having a clear sense of purpose, setting goals, and taking intentional action to achieve them. The receptive ANU Wombmyn encourages openness to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences.

“As the Man receives light, instruction, and configuration from the Almighty, those blessings are then poured and fostered into the basin of the Wombmyn. It is the sacred duty of the wedded Wombmyn to reproduce that light and direction of her own Man into the children of the homestead and group, along with anyone else under the governing of the Master of the homestead.”

The ANU Way Foundations Volume 1

The Men And Wombmyn Of ANU | @ChiefYuya

By combining both qualities, individuals can strike a balance between focused pursuit of their goals and being open to alternative approaches, creative solutions, or unexpected opportunities that may arise along the way but are not deterred from fulfilling the vision and mission the ANU Man has set forth. 

Receptivity complements being directed by bringing openness, adaptability, continuous learning, and collaborative skills into the pursuit of goals. The combination of these qualities allows individuals to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and achieve greater success in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. The seed is put into the soil and cultivated and what sprouts should be the reflection of the vision directed at the beginning.