What is Spirit? Well, Spirit – or Ruach (רוח) – is not merely an ethereal abstract but the very breath of life that animates our existence. The ability to animate and create now reveals itself as divine breath (Ruach Ha’kodesho in Hebrew or Emi in Yoruba), and now signifies more than the physical act of breathing; it embodies the life force of the Elohim. The Ruach Ha’kodesh, is a dynamic energy that interweaves the physical with the metaphysical. The Ruach Ha’kodesh, translating to the Holy Spirit, represents a sanctified presence that transcends mere wind or breath, guiding us towards righteousness. Spirit in this light is understood not as a separate facet of our being but as the very essence that integrates our body, mind, soul, and spirit into a cohesive whole.

Hebrew word for SPIRIT:

RUACH –  רוח resh/vav/chet

The crux of embodying Spirit, however, lies in the character. Character is the vehicle through which Spirit manifests in the world, shaping how we enact our divine essence in the physical realm. A righteous character, infused with the Ruach Ha’kodesh, not only upholds the law and ideals of the spirit body but also acts as a beacon of divine light in the earthly domain. It’s through character that we navigate the complexities of our spiritual and carnal inclinations, choosing to embody the virtues that reflect our alignment with the Creator. In ANU, character isn’t a mere aspect of our being; it’s the tangible expression of Spirit. We are called to live it as a testament to our commitment to walk in tune with the divine blueprint laid out before us. Through fostering a character that mirrors the Ruach Ha’kodesh, we open ourselves to a life of purpose, guided by the breath of life that connects us to Yah.

Chief Yuya on “Spiritual Awakening”

But how does one ascertain the presence of Spirit, or better yet, can we acquire more of it? The truth is, “you either have it or you don’t”. The teachings by our Jegna, Chief Yuya illuminates that Spirit is both an inherent gift and a cultivated presence. It’s an exchange evident in the simple act of breathing, a reciprocity that connects us to others and the divine. We ‘take in’ and ‘give out’ Spirit continuously, influencing and being influenced by the world around us. This ongoing exchange begs the question: what kind of Spirit are we imbibing, and what are we disseminating? Bearers of the Ruach Ha’kodesh are called to elevate our spirits, to align with the divine breath that is of Yah, ensuring that what we emanate and absorb resonates with the highest frequency of life force.

Trivia of the Strong


“The spirit of the Lord God was upon me, since the Lord anointed me to bring tidings to the humble, He sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to declare freedom for the captives, and for the prisoners to free from captivity.”

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 61:1 (Hebrew Bible))