There is an ebb and flow to all of life’s seasons, sometimes we’re up and other times we are not as high as we’d like to be. “For everything there is a season…” and we must be in tune with that season. The ability to “catch the right tune” is paramount for aligning with the rhythm and divine orchestration of Yah/The Creator/The Most High. There are many perspectives and systems that emphasize the significance of being present and attuned to the moment, grounding oneself to resonate with the higher frequencies of existence. Yet, in ANU, we recognize that this harmonization with the season is not solely about individual physical or mental readiness (being in harmony with oneself), but also a synchronization with ALL who are ANU, which opens the door to a profound connection to one another. Once we catch the tune, we can connect and that connection is Love. The Love manifests as HARMONY.

Before any symphonic performance, the orchestra must get in tune so that the melody and harmony become a perfect blend of main and accompanying notes. Harmony, as we learn in The 14 Keys, is the tapestry of diverse vibrations coming together to create an idyllic blend. Think about the orchestra again, imagine if several or even one instrument was out of tune or a musician decided to play a notes not in alignment with the sheet music – the errant sounds cause dischord. “A force out of harmony with itself, will also be out of harmony with its contextual environment.” In the context of community, harmony is essential for maintaining the vibrational integrity of a community, ensuring that each member, while unique, contributes to and benefits from the collective energy exchange, resonating with the expansive, positive energy of Yah.

Chief Yuya | Command The Day | Come Together

So, how do we “catch the tune” so we can foster harmony in self and community? In ANU we affirm Harmony each time we greet one another with “SHALOM”. Yet, here are some steps to take right now: Draw closer to what Yah desires, then, embrace community, embody humility, think of others, and study one another. By being attuned with the body of the community, we find harmony and can navigate the secular world without succumbing to its errant ideas. In doing so, we maintain a shared focus on divine action enabling us to service and minister to one another and others effectively.


“Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits.’ 

Romans 12:16 (KJV)