In ANU, the MIND is viewed not just as a link to our cognitive engine, the brain, but mainly a conduit to the divine, a spiritual tool bridging the gap between Yah’s infinite wisdom and our earthly experiences. “The mind is a middle point between Yah’s thought and matter (the physical realm).” The Creator, embodies the Divine Mind, and our essence and very being (those of us whom He has claimed), is a fragment of HIS celestial and infinite intellect. Are you a celestial ember? This concept is vividly captured in the Hebrew word, “Kether” (כתר), which is the crown that receives and retains the light of the Divine. When centered on the Divine, the mind transcends its physical boundaries, tapping into the law of mentalism to manifest divine principles in the earthly domain, bringing our actions, desires, and being into perfect harmony with the universal law.

KETHER stands as the vessel that receives and retains divine illumination, urging us to ponder not just the nature of what is received but also what is sustained within our spiritual and mental reservoirs. This crown of light, when properly aligned with the Divine Mind, endows us with the ability to lead, to create, and to manifest with humility and purpose. However, a crown misaligned, or locked down by the weight of earthly distractions and the pursuit of leadership devoid of divine light, breeds spiritual poverty and dissonance, distancing us from the path of righteousness and divine fulfillment. A mind not aligned with the Divine Mind risks falling prey to the turbulence of lower vibrations, where insecurity, scarcity, and a deficit mindset prevail.

Chief Yuya | Command The Day | The Right Mind

The journey towards re-aligning the mind with the Divine begins with embracing submission based on our roles as Men and Wombmyn, the willingness to receive light without expectation, and the intentional grounding in actions rooted in light. By recognizing our role as a conduit for divine will—acting without attachment to the outcomes—we unlock the potential for true leadership and rulership, guided by the crown initiative. In ANU, we navigate this path with the constant reminder to be remain rooted in service and the humility to stoop down and elevate others. Through this process, we not only fulfill our divine mission but also transform our individual and collective realities, embodying the harmony that bridges the physical and metaphysical, and securing our place within the divine tapestry of creation.


“Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.”

James 1:12 (KJV)