What is power? It is often misconstrued as mere physical strength or dominion over others. Yet, in the teachings of ANU, power transcends these superficial layers, reaching into the depths of spiritual resilience and growth. It is understood as the ability to persevere through adversities, molding grief and challenges into stepping stones for personal transformation. That transformation is a refinement of control over the flesh body and brain.

Power is entwined with refinement. For example, in Supreme Mathematics (120) we learn that the number 5 is Power and Refinement. Additionally in Orisa traditions, the Afrakan Power Oshun, is also represented by the number 5, and is a spirit that also brings refinement. Power is truth and truth sets us free from impurities and unrighteousness – this is refinement. Power, in this context, is about harnessing one’s spiritual connection, moving beyond the fleeting highs of emotional manipulations akin to sorcery, towards genuine self-reflection and transformation.

Where does your power come from? Depending on what el/god/diety you serve, it can come from many things , make-up and bodyshapers, language, money, you name it. Yet, in ANU, if it doesn’t originate with the Ruach HaQodesh, then it means nothing. The Hebrew word for power, כח (Koach), adds a layer of understanding, emphasizing the innate capacity to act or produce an effect. The Most High is cause and his creation is the effect. If you are connected with or activated your Divine mind you can harness true power. We touched on this last strong in “Receive The Crown“.

Spiritual Power | House of Yuya | @CHIEFYUYA

Power, therefore, is both an innate trait and a divine endowment that must be cultivated and refined through continuous engagement with spiritual laws given to us by Yah. To wield power responsibly, one must embrace humility, practice discernment, and engage in constant self-evaluation to align closely with the divine intent. Mama Oshun may bring that self confidence, but we must make sure that we are operating from the Will of Yah and not our own.

As a practical exercise to embody this concept throughout the week, try implementing a daily five-minute meditation focusing on a personal challenge. Reflect on how this challenge could be transformed into an opportunity for growth and a demonstration of true power. This practice encourages the development of resilience and refinement, key aspects of spiritual and personal power.


“He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.”

Isaiah 40:29 (KJV)