Let’s Get Together

The decision to create family, and whom to engage in the revered work with, is one of the most important judgments we can make in our entire lives.

The ANU Way | Family

In a community of like-minded people, what keeps you from reaching out to that Brother or Sister, with interests of getting together? In order for a nation to thrive there must be families created and forever expanding. With these families, we are recreating the celestial makeup of our Elohim. So what is stopping you?

It is our love for the Originator of life and vitality that we detect in one another, which creates a natural pull between us. If that is not present, then we are adjoining under base pretenses.

The ANU WAY | Family

Love, in the Babylonian sense, is attached to that instant gratification of feelings and emotions that appease the ego. When living in the truth, it is respect that we look for in our potential mates. To have that respect is to see the Source in one another. To see through that First Eye.

In the segment, The Magic of Mating, Chief Yuya discusses the toxic religious aspect to ignorance that many have embraced. When shown the righteous path of how to properly get together , there is still a pull to seek out the perfect companion to the egoic rebelliousness within. You must ask yourself, if you want to recreate the Celestial Hierarchy of the Elohim or continue to populate the Uncivilized Nation?


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What are some of your requirements when it comes to family planning?



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