Movements in the Darkness

What does it mean to be at your weakest? 

As the weather turns colder and the soil goes seemingly barren, it is predictable that man turn inward for the season.  Often affiliated with words like weak or barren, the winter season is an opportunity to continue flushing out the discrepancies and rebelliousness that block the path of your self-actualization.  

“There is no pauses during the winter. There is the journey through the underworld of the mind.”Chief Yuya

During the Winter Solstice you are called to explore the darker aspects of yourself and the details you want kept hidden from the light. In this season you are pushed back indoors and invited to be with your thoughts and emotions, some of which have been forcibly suppressed to maintain a synthetic mask of sanity and stability. 

What is keeping you sick? What lies dormant and ignored within your darkness that goes unexpressed? Whether expressed through physical sickness or lack of emotional control and culture, disease is among you. Preying on your shadowed parts.  The Winter Solstice ushers in an opportunity to get to the very much alive root of your shadowed selves. 


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Is the bear at its weakest state whilst it hibernates over the winter? 

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