Social Media is Killing You

When idle, your first reflex is to pick up your phone to begin mindlessly scrolling through an array of social media content. With this, there is little to no consideration on how damaging this can truly be. With this thoughtless behavior you begin to soak up the dysfunctional culture of instant gratification, self-indulgence and lack of accountability for your own actions. This culture not only highlights your dis-eases and shadowed parts, it validates them. Consequently, the family structure and development is then based off of superficial #goals and ideals that are counterproductive to its cultivation.

If you cannot make a judgement of your own, without employing someone else’s alien standard , you are not free – Chief Yuya

Freedom and Liberty Part 1 | Enlightenment & Transformation

The telling sign of the lack of culture is the immediate recitation of a doctrine not truly adopted and studied when asked foundational questions. This is common in the “trending” society of all talk and no application.

An alien standard. By definition, alien is defined as belonging to a foreign country or nation. Until you are able to successfully identify your culture, its laws and ways of maneuvering through the world, you are apart of the culture that defines you and consumes the most amount of your focus and time.

We often find ourselves re-enslaved in the behest of a smile. Some of the standards that we utilize comes from a culture that is looking to destroy us.  – Chief Yuya

Freedom and Liberty Part 1 | Enlightenment & Transformation

Captivity is met with applause and cheer. How many times have you been entranced by the social media gurus, priest/priestess and the like? The more you embrace necessary sober assessments, accompanied with subduing the ego during needed times of growth, these opportunists would serve no purpose for you. The path of hard work is seldom chosen when presented with an easy way out.  

Go for a walk or find a quiet space to meditate.

Leave your phone behind.

Release and cleanse your mind.

If you are walking, take in the environment around you. Take in the sounds, the air and natural scents.

If you are meditating, visualize yourself out in nature in your favorite setting. Imagine the sounds, how the air feels and smells.

With your walk, engage with those you encounter.

In your meditation, observe and reflect on the natural surroundings you have envisioned. Why this scene?

What did you reflect on during this exercise?


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What is does it mean to be Free? What does it mean to be Liberated?

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