“ All you need is to go within yourself for the answer” 

“ This spiritual bath is all that you need to fix your problems” 

“ Your ancestors are telling me to tell you that you are in danger” 

Familiar phrases you have heard recited by many of the viral spiritual scamming class.  Who could blame the opportunist? The ones you have deemed your teachers — for a monthly subscription. They would be purposeless without the eagerness, from their students, for quick fixes and instant gratification.  With rhetoric that is used to trap the mind and separate the Divine hierarchy of Yah, Man, Wombmyn and Child, you allow this divisiveness each time you seek out ego stroking confirmation for your dysfunction. Where is the healing and transformation in that?

Character is all that is requisite

Grasping the Root of Divine Power – Hru Yuya T. Assan-ANU

How do you spot a fraud? In the segment, How to Spot a Fraud | Enlightenment and Transformation, Chief Yuya highlights identifiers to include:

  • The teachers will never give you anything that will surpass them 
  • They will keep you in a position of Master/Slave. 
  • They ever really expose the flaw in your theories 
  • Comes to you with a victim story to create an environment of an obligation 

A key beginning to spotting a fraudulent person is the strengthening of your own character. Accountability, action and transformation are required in order to see through the Yah Eye. If you remain in the perpetual victim narrative you will continue to attract those who are like-minded.

How to Spot a Fraud


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