Internal Ministries


The Council coordinates the other Nets. Also, the council is responsible for publicity, outreach, and administrative sciences. 

Security Net 

This net is comprised of two groups: 

Arbitration: The Ma’atic Court, kwk… 

Defense: Martial Arts, Strategy Games, Physical Fitness, Emergency preparedness, First Aid & CPR, kwk… 

Resource Net 

This net is comprised of two groups: 

Land/Lumber: Building materials for land, human resources kwk… 

Historical Archives: Safeguarding important knowledge in the form of books, research, kwk 

Mental Net

This net is comprised of two groups: 

Education: Obtaining certification, pursuing degrees, kwk… 

Teaching: Classes, lectures, producing literacy works, initiatives, kwk… 

Wellness Net 

This net is comprised of two groups: 

Spirituality: creating healing experiences such as music, dance kwk 

Health: preparing healing foods for mind, body and spirit 

External Ministries – Sign up for a ministry

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ANU Wombmyn’s Ministry Sign Up

1. Redwrap - The Red Wrap Initiative is a collaborative volunteer project that aims to build upon existing efforts to eliminate stigma and provide education around menstruation and reproductive health. 

2. Music Ministry (Metaphysic Music) – The ANU music ministry provides a melodic backdrop for the righteous teachings of the ANU Nation. Here members of all ages have an opportunity showcase their musical talent via our in-house music label, live shows, and ceremonial gatherings. 

3. Film (ANU Studios) – Our film ministry is open to those who may have a desire to act, direct, produce, edit, or score one of our media productions such as our web series, feature films, or documentaries. 

4School (Sadulu House) – The Sadulu House is the educational component of the ANU Nation and provides spiritual, cultural, and holistic education to all ANU Life Global Ministry members. 

5. Spiritual Ministry (ANU Order) – ANU Order  Broadcast (Enlightenment and Transformation) – Enlightenment and Transformation is our broadcast ministry. Here you will find videos and audio segments that teach the gems and doctrine of our movement and spiritual family. 

6. Prison Outreach (Mau Mau) – This ministry is key in connected OUR brothers and sisters who are incarcerated to the teachings of the ANU Nation and helps provide support services for the many voiceless men and women locked in prison industrial complexes. 

7. Literary Publishing (ANU Publishing) – ANU Publishing houses the editorial and literary works for all the sacred text produced by Chief Yuya and the other ANU writers and instructors. 

8. ANU Events (Kilombo) – ANU strongly promotes the assembling and communing of its members whenever possible. We host consistent conference calls, video chats, open panel broadcast, and nature retreats. 

9. Children’s Ministry (Water Babies) – OUR children are the next step in our development. The focus of the children’s ministry is providing educational activities, life changing experiences, and Jegna’s for our next generation of warriors and healers.