An ALGM Ministry

This is a Call of Commitment

ANU Man is a branch of ANU Life Global Ministries that harnesses the power and intellect of the collective of active and invested men who identify with the ANU Nation.


What Is An ANU MAN?

An ANU MAN is always ready to guide, teach and cover his community. He models the ELOHIM and provides pure light and knowledge.  In ANU Man, men don’t have to question our sanity or masculinity. We embody BROTHERHOOD by holding one another accountalbe to identify and set benchmarks for  success and mastery, then raise the bar to ensure evolution. We are only as strong as the weakest link. The collective of ANU Men understand the need for reformation and strive to become Jegnas in their own right. In this ministry, men should expect to go beyond camaraderie and have the tools necessary to preserve manhood, reclaim family and build legacy

Objectives for The ANU Man:

  • Establish consistent expectations among the men of ANU including Rites of Passage, Counseling, and Communal Initiations.
  • Strengthen the honor code necessary to cultivate good relations with men in one’s element and in foreign parts.
  • Empower men to maintain the upstanding character and good report in the ANU community
    Provide the needed tutelage that transmits from Elder man to younger man.

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