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Chief Yuya

“ANU is a community. It’s a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental community and stronghold that I’ve established the framework for you to come inside of and find shelter. It’s where you come home, it’s where you find peace, it’s where you find solace but knowing that you are responsible for maintaining it and you are also responsible for building it.”

Meet Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU

H. Yuya Assaan-ANU (Chief Yuya),  is the Jegna, High Priest, Architect and Founder of ANU Life Global Ministries (ALGM). Chief Yuya’s character and genius unveiled itself early on in his youth. His iron spirit has led Chief Yuya on a deep spiritual journey of personal initiations filled with tragedy and jubilation.

The Counselor

As a Life Advisor, Chief Yuya councils adults on realizing their life’s purpose and building healthy, valuable families that support and uplift their communities.

Through courage, blood, sweat, and tears, he completed his rites of passage into Manhood and was crowned by his elders and community. Chief Yuya used his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to create rites of passage experiences for children and adults. Working with youth is what he finds the most rewarding. His Rites of Passage programs have redirected the lives of young future scholars  to unlock their spiritual gifts. Today, Sons of Sankofa, an African-centered rites of passage program is one of the many ministries of ALGM.

The Educator

Chief Yuya has helped to develop and train school administrators, social workers, teachers at public schools, universities, and social institutions. He has served as a school Dean, GED program director and is currently a professor at Baruch College in New York City.  As an initiated Priest with over 25 years of experience, he has trained students from all over the world and serves as a spiritual guide and counselor for hundreds of people, thus earning him the reverence and honor of a true Master Teacher.

Moreover, Chief Yuya has created his own school of learning, Sadulu House Spiritual Center, where he is Head Instructor. In Sadulu House, students utilize self-paced learning to take classes on spiritual growth, personal development and indigenous ancient spirituality. Course work ranges from beginner to advanced level. In addition to his traditional roles as an educator, Chief Yuya covers a variety of topics on his many YouTube channels with information ranging from Nation Building and Family to entrepreneurship and survival preparation.

The Author

Chief Yuya has authored several literary works including Grasping the Root of Divine Power, Solutions for Dysfunctional Family Relationships, Mind Heart Words, The Compass, NoirMale and a tome outlining the doctrine of ANU culture, The ANU Way: Foundations, Volume 1.

The Musician

What happens when you hear live instruments, a deep baritone voice, and lyrics that radiate from the spiritual to the profane?  You’ve probably entered into an experience with Chief Yuya.  With a musical background dating back to his childhood, Chief Yuya provides extensive examples from music to martial arts and everything in between, to help even the youngest of children understand concepts. He has worked in the music industry from a young age, is a multi-instrumentalist, and is thoroughly trained in martial arts and various forms of fighting.

A gifted musician, his soulful music is created to empower those seeking truth and healing. Equated to Imhotep, a polymath, who embodied intellectual supremacy, Chief’s dynamic nature is forever expanding and evolving. His faithfulness and dedication to serving the people displays noble character that is hard-pressed to find in today’s world. Our Chief has been a pioneer and lighthouse for those called to return to their true origins by living in the ways that are reflective of their royal position and spiritual leadership.

The Servant

As a result of receiving education and training in areas of from law to engineering, to spirituality and philosophy, Chief Yuya holds many titles: Chief, Author, Jegna, Educator, Composer, Healer to Speaker and the list continues. Chief Yuya’s most treasured work is that of an NGO in Ghana. Chief Yuya always has his hands to the ground working on the continent and you can enjoy some of his experiences through the song Touch The Land which can be found on Spotify, iTunes and all major streaming platforms.

Through his collective body of works of books, lectures, podcasts, classes, coaching services, workshops, and spiritual training, Chief Yuya has established a divine gateway towards creating your desired reality. His love for the people shines through his global initiatives spanning from the United States to West Africa. Chief Yuya has created ANU Life Global Ministries as a home base for all those who value the ANU way of life and desire to be a part of a movement that serves the Kingdom of Yah.

Your proximity to nature is your proximity to power.

The 14 Afrakan Principles

The ANU Life Global Ministries spiritual doctrine and guiding principles are based on what we call “The 14 Afrakan Principles”. These principles draw from the Nguzo Saba and Principles of Ma’at.

The “14 Afrakan Principles” covers the internal and external work needed for individuals to reclaim their right mind, body, and spirit.

Internal Principles

  1. Harmony
  2. Truth
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Even-handedness
  5. Righteousness
  6. Order
  7. Balance

External Principles

  1. Umoja- Unity
  2. Kujichagalia -Self Determination/Actualization
  3. Ujaama -Cooperative Economics
  4. Ujima- Collective Work and Responsibility
  5. Nia – Purpose
  6. Kuumba- Creativity
  7. Imani – Faith

All events are significant. This life journey is a dream produced by your soul in order to wake your mind up to its true self.