Date – 1/22/2016 – (2+2 = 4) – 4 is the number for Reciprocity in our 14 keys. In this example, we see the 4 is derived from the date 22. 22 being a master builder number. 2 is the 14th key meaning truth. So, a double dose of truth, mean truth in our masculine and truth in our feminine brings about reciprocity.

Insight – “Music, dance, spiritual ritual, love, lust, and other elemental forces can transcend the bounds of fabricated language and prejudgment.” – “The 14 Keys”
Like dust, the subtle and finer matter of true primal spiritual experiences are hard to quantify. Their abstract value bypasses the filters and security of the conscious mind. When this happens full interaction with the divine elements and the spirit self is possible. These ancient activities move the conscious mind out the way so that the spirit can operate without judgment of self-consciousness.

Native Tongue – Yoruba: “Ẹ ṣé púpọ̀” – “Thank you very much”