What is Red Wrap?

The Red Wrap initiative, under the umbrella of ANU Life Global Ministries (ALGM), is a collaborative volunteer project that aims to build upon existing efforts to eliminate stigma and provide education around menstruation and reproductive health. ALGM will partner with NYC women’s shelters to host targeted events surrounding the donation and subsequent of menstrual hygiene products. The distribution of much needed menstrual hygiene products to unsheltered women in NYC will allow room to safely address and maintain menstrual health.

What are the key dates for Red Wrap?

The Spring campaign and Launch Date for Red Wrap will begin on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018, when we will begin collection of feminine hygiene products (maxi pads/sanitary napkins, tampons, and panty liners). The donation drive will last up until 7 days before the listed event date. Please see the Red Wrap web page for event dates.


How do I register to volunteer for Red Wrap?

Individuals, businesses, or groups can register for Red Wrap on the Anu Life Global Ministries website at: Registrants are encouraged to complete all questions in the form.

What is on the registration form?

Registrants can opt to either donate (via GoFundMe or ship feminine hygiene products to the given address) or volunteer during the actual distribution events (sorting, packing and distributing menstrual/feminine hygiene products or facilitating a workshop). In order to identify current and potential donors, a minimal amount of personal and contact information is requested (name, zip code, phone number, etc.). Those who volunteer to facilitate a workshop are required to provide qualifying credentials relevant to topics being covered in the workshops (see responses related to “Events” below).

Am I required to register on the website in order to participate in Red Wrap?

Donations: Registration is encouraged so that the Red Wrap Team can keep track of all individuals, businesses and groups that are interested in providing donations (whether a monetary donation via Go Fund Me or shipping actual menstrual/feminine hygiene products). Completing the registration forms also allows the Red Wrap Team to anticipate the amount of products being shipped per week.

VolunteersRegistration is required for those interested in facilitating a workshop or volunteering  at any distribution event. Additionally, workshop facilitators are required to provide qualifying credentials relevant to topics being covered in the workshops (see responses related to “Events” below).


What are ways to donate to Red Wrap?

There are three (3) ways to donate to Red Wrap (1) Sending menstrual/feminine hygiene supplies directly to “Red Wrap Initiative, PO Box 902, Orange, NJ 07051”,  (2) Monetary giving through our GoFundMe account found on the Red Wrap webpage at or directly on our GoFundMe page at and (3) volunteering your time by participating in any of the listed distribution events.  Those interested in volunteering are required to complete the registration form on the website

Can more than one type of donation be provided?

There is no limit on ways to donate or amount of donation. We encourage everyone to donate in whatever way they can. You can choose to donate either one or any combination of two to three donation methods: money, products or volunteering.

Can I just send money as a donation?

Yes! We understand that convenience is relative and  offering more than one way to donate, expands the opportunity for more participation and donations to the Red Wrap initiative. In an effort to respond to inquiries of various donations options, we officially opened our GoFundMe page as of Monday, April 23, 2018.  All monetary donations for Red Wrap will be accepted through our GoFundMe page at NOTE: If you recently donated funds for specifically for Red Wrap through another initiative on the ALGM page, please contact

Is there a minimum number of packages of menstrual/feminine hygiene products that must be donated?

There is no minimum number of packages that can be sent.  However we do ask that your pledge amount be provided at the time of registration – this will be asked in the registration form on the website:

I want to donate menstrual/feminine hygiene products. What are some shipping methods?

There are various methods to shipping items, however packages should be send using carriers that deliver to PO Boxes. Generally, packages that have already been received have been shipped via US Poster Service (USPS) and

I am purchasing my donated items via Amazon. How do I ensure that it is delivered to the PO Box?

If you opt to send in menstrual/feminine hygiene products through Amazon, to ensure delivery to the PO Box, please use the UPS SurePost option (UPS will hand off to USPS). The UPS SurePost option is only available for Amazon Prime Items. Be sure to request that USPS redelivers your package the next business day as the end delivery address is a PO Box. Finally, request the “no signature is required” option.


When will the distribution events take place?

Please visit to see the event dates and times.

Where will the events take place?

Due to the sensitive circumstances of some of the shelter residents, exact address and location of each event will only be disclosed to the final list of volunteers.

What activities will take place at the distribution events?

Volunteers will be helping to sort, package, and distribute the menstrual/feminine hygiene supplies to residents at both shelter sites. Workshop facilitators will be leading discussions on menstrual/feminine hygiene, personal hygiene, and sexual and reproductive health.


I am unable to provide a donation or volunteer at this time. What are other ways to help with Red Wrap efforts?

Promotion – We need people to share information about Red Wrap on their social media. Like, Share, Repost, Follow and subscribe to/from the ALGM social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Collect/Share Testimonies – if you have a personal story you would like to share about homelessness, the need for menstrual hygiene supplies or just the importance of giving, please

Developing Content – if you have a talent for writing and are interested in developing written content for the Red Wrap initiative, contact our Outreach Coordinator, Deidre.


For further inquiries not address in this FAQ list, please email the Red Wrap Organizer

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