How You Can Make an Impact

ANU Commitment Guide Steps:  


Step 1 – Click the link provided in your newsletter labeled “click here” to be directed to the official commitment form.  

Ste p 2 – Fill in your name, first and last.  

Step 3 – Select “yes” or “no” for mating status. If yes, select rather you and your mate will pay as a house. If yes, enter your mate’s name.  

Step 4- Select “yes” or “no” to make a commitment to offer ANU Dues. 

Step 5 – Enter the monthly dollar amount you would like to give. Make sure you do NOT include “$”, “%”, “.” or any other symbol to signify payment amount.  

Step 6 – Select “yes” to attest to a monthly commitment.  

Step 7- Submit your form. (Once you submit your form, select if you would like to receive a copy of your responses. All responses will be sent to the email you provide).  

Step 8 – Select the link to be taken to the give portion of the website. Here you will submit your payment information.  

Step 9 – Once directed to the given page, select “Make a One Time Payment” or “Make a Recurring Gift” to give during the quarterly payment cycle of 3 months.  

Step 10- Select from the options, the amount you would like to give. Or enter the custom amount you would like to give, in the blank space provided. 

Step 11- Select the drop-down arrow labeled “How Many Times” to select payment intervals. (Note that if you would like to give according to the ANU Quarterly cycles, this will require a “3 times” selection).  

Step 12- Enter your contact information Including, first and last name, and email address.  

Step 13 – Select the option labeled “I’m not a robot” 

Step 14- Select “Review and Pay” to be taken to the payment portal.  

Step 15– Select your preferred method of payment. Debit or credit card may require you to enter your card information.  

Step 16 – Complete your donation to receive your verification.  




A.L.G.M. is a community design organization also known as a Free Church whose programs and services often depend on sponsors and philanthropic support from generous individuals, foundations, and businesses.

The majority of our programs and services are delivered free or at nominal costs to adults and youth across the globe.

While as a social enterprise, generated revenue supports our programs and services, ANU Nation solicits support from diverse sources including individuals, and sponsorship from small to large businesses in order to stimulate growth and provide consistent quality programs and services.

Offerings come in many different forms. Here is a sample of some of the non-monetary offerings that ALGM would be overjoyed to receive:

  • Books
  • Land
  • Vehicles
  • Farm Equipment
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Music Instruments/Equipment

Worship/Affirmation Services

Worship/Affirmation services at ANU Global Ministries reflect who we are and fortify us for our mission to praise God and bring spiritual teachings and guidance, elevated consciousness, and healing to its members, guests, and to the community.

Our services will allow one to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, and higher states of consciousness through relevant ministry from indigenous spiritual systems and celestial teachings that feed the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Outreach Programs

To extend ANU Global Ministries spiritual teachings and ministry to our local, and external communities, and nations; Chief Priest and or appointed council and guest Priests/Priestesses will provide ministry services to the community in the form of workshops and lectures/sermons. These programs are spirit led therefore topics, themes, and locations will vary as authorized by the Chief Priest.

Spiritual Retreats

ANU Global Ministries will offer spiritual retreats to its members and the community.  Our retreats are aimed at those in need of focused spiritual work and healing and/or for those who need to reconnect with God and their soul to regain clarity and balance and live a purpose driven life.

Africa Initiative

Africa Initiative is an ongoing community restoration and humanity effort.

This project’s mission is to bring advancement to disadvantaged regions in Africa in the form of technology, land development, and spiritual education. Ongoing projects include:

  • Building a Computer Lab
  • Orphanage Program Development
  • Building a dormitory for ANU Retreats to the Continent

Fulfillment of this project provides an opportunity to improve conditions and improve the opportunities of our domestic and continental kin.

Music Ministry

The ANU music ministry provides a melodic backdrop for the righteous teachings of the ANU Nation. Here members of all ages have an opportunity showcase their musical talent via our in-house music label, live shows, and ceremonial gatherings.


Our film ministry is open to those who may have a desire to act, direct, produce, edit, or score one of our media productions such as our web series, feature films, or documentaries.


The Sadulu House is the educational component of the ANU Nation and provides spiritual, cultural, and holistic education to all ANU Life Global Ministry members.


Enlightenment and Transformation is our broadcast ministry. Here you will find videos and audio segments that teach the gems and doctrine of our movement and spiritual family.

Prison Outreach

The Man Mau prison ministry is key in connected OUR brothers and sisters who are incarcerated to the teachings of the ANU Nation and helps provide support services for the many voiceless men and Wombmyn locked in prison industrial complexes.

Literary Publishing

ANU Publishing houses the editorial and literary works for all the sacred text produced by Chief Yuya and the other ANU writers and instructors.


ANU strongly promotes the assembling a communing of its members whenever possible. We host consistent conference calls, video chats, open panel broadcast, and nature retreats. This is our Kilombo ministry.

Children's Ministry

OUR children are the next step in our development. The focus of the children’s ministry, Water Babies, is providing educational activities, life changing experiences, and Jegna’s for our next generation of warriors and healers.

Women’s Group – The ANU Women’s groups provide spiritual, emotional, mental, and sisterly support to the ANU females. In this group, women can discuss matters that are exclusive and sacred to their divine roles as a feminine presence on the planet. Through the learning processes of ANU Womb, Wombmyn learn how to exemplify the greatest culture of the ANU Nation.

Female Rites of Passage

All communities need procedures and rites to determine the roles and proven maturation of its members. Our Rites of Passage component promotes femininity, responsibility, and the gifts of womanhood among our female members.

Men’s Group – The Men’s ministry of ANU is a vital component of the ANU life Global Ministry as the men are the head of the body known as ANU Nation. In this ministry, their manhood is validated and strengthened for them to authentically own the title of “head” of their families and communities.

Male Rites of Passage

The Asafo Rites of passage experience of ANU are geared towards are adolescent males. In this experience, we cultivate and support the manhood obligations and genius of participates.