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What is an Insight?

An insight is a gem of wisdom offered by the ANU mental, and spiritual, collective that provides the wisdom of our system. The process of looking beneath the surface conjoins us with the Yoruba Ifa. The term Ifa means, “to scratch or mark”. This explains the basic objective of our shared messages, that we coin as “insights”. The message that is shared during our spiritual services takes the listener beneath the surface of their “seen”, or perceived, reality.

In the ANU LIFE spiritual tradition we consider our shared insights to be a conversation between the presenter, listener, and spiritual source of the wisdom. In order for us to truly change our reality we must see and interact with the underlying forces that control the seen reality. For this we must have insight.<br>

2017 Message Topics for ANU Life Global Ministries

January – 2017
February – The contradictions
March – Equinox
April – Authority
May – Power
June – Summer Solstice
July – The signs of the undeveloped
August – Mating
September – Libra
October – Power of identity
November – Building the Kingdom/Nation/Movement
December – Winter Solstice

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