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Join ANU Life Global Ministries!

ANU provides a structured and real community to immerse oneself in a culture of reformation and excellence.

Currently, membership is primarily by invitation only and are available to those qualified individuals who are sponsored by one or more current member(s). If you have decided that ANU is right for you and would like to be considered for membership, you can fill out an application form (link below).

When you apply, you are applying to be sponsored by a current ANU member who will also be responsible for directing the candidate/applicant through the orientation process.  Applicants who are married are encouraged to join together.

Candidates must complete the full application to be considered for review.


NOTE: Men must apply through our men’s ministry, ANU MAN. Women must apply through the woman’s ministry, ANU WOMB. Click the respective link below.

Applications Process:

Many humans are attracted to the light and warmth of life changing culture but, only a preferred few will be able to discern and live out ANU genius and order.


The Experience:

The ANU experience is for those who are aligning with the mission of the bonafide awakening.


Our Values

“We want nothing that is common but. We aspire you maintain a spirit that is set apart, prestigious and righteous. Anything else is not ANU”.

– Chief H.Yuya Assaan ANU

We Value Scholarship

Warrior Scholars

We are Asafo of the Most High, YAH.


We Value Yah's Law


Love. Allah’s Wisdom. We study truth filled congruence held in spirit-picked holy scripture and law.

We Value Family

Find a Mate

We hold uniting ourselves with our natural mate and creating family as one of the most important judgements in our lives.

We Value Bloodline

Our Youth

We foresee raising healthy, happy children who have a mating pool to choose from among their own kind, ilk and pedigree.

We Value Building Economy


We are a community of professionals. The management of our economy is vitally important to our faith.

We Value Reformation

The Journey

Healing and deliverance are indispensable parts of our obligatory reformation, as a consequence of our sojourn through the human continuation.