Our community is one that stresses the stewardship role of men in regards to covering women and children. Each, and every woman, in ALGM, has a man to who she is accountable and accounted. This is formalized in our “Covering Initiative “. There is no limit to the number of women and children an ANU man may be charged to cover by the Chief Jegna, Yuya Assaan-ANU.

We do not expose the full breadth of our membership to the public as our women and children are held sacred and our sacred responsibility to ensure their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental welfare is paramount.

Each man is required to lead his own household and throughout his tenure in ALGM, he is trained and supported in this work.

If any individual represents themselves as a member of ANU and is not a part of one of these houses, they are not a member of ANU and are misrepresenting themselves. 

House of Yuya 

House of Zach 

House of Menyelek  

House of Cruz 

House of Ras Kush 

House of Herut 

House of Isaiah  

House of Hamza-El

House of Loren