Read over the following documents to understand our financial responsibilities as ANU Members.

Monthly Dues Announcement

Contributing by way of dues and offerings affords everyone the opportunity to further sustain this work and sews seeds of reciprocal exchange.


Beginning June 21st, 2023 we, ANU, will begin collecting monthly dues. On May 7th, 2023, each member of ANU will receive a digital Dues Commitment form. Dues contributions will be on a sliding scale. You will designate the amount as well as attest to a commitment of consistency. Please ensure the form is completed and submitted by May 21st.


It is our will that each member of this community make a monthly contribution. The amount will not be dictated, you will set the amount which will remain in effect for a minimum of 90 days (a season). Each season we will redistribute the Dues Commitment Seasonal Change form, for those wanting to make changes. Current contributors who do not want to make a change do not need to complete the seasonal change form and your dues contribution will remain as it is.

ANU dues will be used to sustain this ministry in the following ways:

    • Support for fellow ANU members facing hardship,
    • ANU Food Stores,
    • ANU Land Fund and Maintenance,
    • Scholarship Fund,
    • Digital Subscriptions (MS Teams, Webhosting, Venmo, Canva)
    • Retreat and Event Cost Overages
    • Donations to other organizations
    • Chief Jegna Stipend

These funds will also support the creation and promotion of new initiatives (classes, lectures, books) that project the vision of ANU to the community at-large.

A sample of ANU expenses currently include:

MS Teams: $720 per year

Webhosting and Hosting Renewal: $120 per year

Retreat Scholarships and Costs: $3000 (including summer 2022 and winter 2023 retreat totals)

Total: $3840


ANU Treasurer will function as point person for all ANU Dues related matters. Annually our treasurer will provide a written account of funds received and expenditures incurred along with the spending goals for the upcoming year. This report will be shared with all members of ANU during an end of year general meeting. The Treasurer will also liaise with anyone seeking guidance or assistance with the Dues Commitment form.

ANU Dues Process:

    • The standard method of dues will be monetary contributions.
    • The amount will be determined by each member of this community. If mated, the amount will be determined by the Head of the House, if paying as a house.
    • The amount should be established by way of your honest assessment of financial feasibility.
    • For those that currently self-identify as unable to make consistent monthly contributions, you will be asked to stillcomplete the Dues Commitment form and indicate when you expect to begin contributions in the comments section of the form. The treasurer follow-up with you based upon the date you anticipate starting dues payments.

Frequency and Duration:

On the Dues Commitment form you will select the dollar amount which will be a monthly contribution only.  Contributions will be auto deducted monthly in the amount specified.  The Dues Commitment form need only be completed once unless an adjustment is necessary. Every 90 days (June, September, December and March) you will have the option to adjust your commitment, if needed. Of course, life circumstances may necessitate a revision before our resubmission period please send a Teams message to the treasurer for a Dues Commitment form.

May you give with grace.

ANU Life Global Ministries


Make your commitment by filling out the following form below

ANU Dues Commitment Form


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