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Do you know the nature of spirit? Do you know that nothing stands “still” in this entire galaxy?
We want you to know that we are an ever-changing movement. As our doctrine is a dynamic one, so is the nature of our events, workshops, and pedagogy.

Our legacy is built by our youth and sustained by the recollection of our Elders. So, ANU Life Global Ministries strives to include the young and older, in all of the new happenings.


Red Wrap FAQ

  GENERAL INFORMATION What is Red Wrap? The Red Wrap initiative, under the umbrella of...
April 27, 2018

Volunteers Are Love In Motion

“To minister is to serve. Unconditional service IS and will ALWAYS be THE AIM of...
April 17, 2018

Red Wrap Registration is Open!

Greetings Community, The Red Wrap Initiative is underway! We are excited to be partnering with...
April 1, 2018