NoirMale: Misconceptions of a Lost Man

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NoirMale: Misconceptions of a Lost Man


NoirMale is an exploration through the psyche of the modern Black male and the source of his inner struggles. For far too long, there has been a suppression of the emotional expression of Negro men throughout the Anglosphere. This premeditated suppression has led to depression, disenchantment, hopelessness, and an overall sense of purposelessness.


Through the use of the accompanying music EP NoirMale, well placed metaphor, and cultural scholarship this work situates the reader at the center of the Black male’s struggle for self-definition and mental freedom, without getting lost in a myriad of problem reporting.This text is perfect for any man who has experienced the inability to voice his genuine feelings about the dissonance that exist inside him as a result of trying to achieve a standard of normality that speaks against everything his innate instincts lead him to. With “NoirMale”, there is an articulation of the challenge put before men of color and the unearthing of proven solutions to ensure that they reclaim their rightful footing in the world and forge a path based on their own divine birthright.