Five Percent N.G.E. – The Supreme Mathematics

1 – Knowledge 6 – Equality. 2 – Wisdom 7 – God
3 – Understanding 8 – Build / Destroy
4 – Culture / Freedom 9 – Born
5 – Power / Refinement 0 – Cipher

1 Knowledge is to know. Knowledge is to look, listen and observe. Knowledge is a body
of accumulated facts. Knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence, just as the
Sun is the foundation of our solar system and the Original Man is the foundation of his
family. Knowledge means to “Know-the-Ledge”.
2 Wisdom is the manifestation of one’s knowledge. Wisdom is Wise words spoken by the
Original People of the planet Earth and wisdom is one’s ways and actions one uses to
make knowledge known. ( 1 + 1 = 2 ) Wisdom means to Wise-the-Dome or to Wise-the￾Dumb. Wisdom is the Original Wombman who is the Moon that reflects the Light of her
Sun back to his Star, the original Child.
3 Understanding is the mental picture one draws from knowledge and wisdom.
Understanding is to See things clearly for what they are and not for what they appear to
be, being made understood or seen with the All-Seeing-Eye. Understanding is the
Original Child, the best part of life.
4 Culture / Freedom – Culture one’s way of life. I Self Lord Am Master, ISLAM is the
culture of Freedom and righteousness, the culture of peace in which all things coincide
and exist in harmony. Freedom is to “Free-the-Dome”.
5 Power / Refinement – Power is truth. Truth of your origins is the only means of
Refinement and to live according to the truth is to make one self known again. Truth is
the power to resurrect the mental dead from ignorance of self by knowing their culture.
6 Equality means to be equal in one’s dealings in all aspects of life.
7 God is the Original Asiatic Black Man who has knowledge of self and I-Self is God. God
Is the true reality of one who can wisdom power and shows and proves his
understanding culture.
8 Build / Destroy – Build is to add to life with positive creation or education. Build means
to add on the knowledge of God with A-alikes. Destroy is to take away negativity, to
utterly subdue and then eliminate Devil, who is weak & wicked. Build Allah’s righteous
nation and destroy the Devil’s uncivilization.
9 Born means to manifest, to be brought into existence, Physically through the mother’s
womb and Mentally through Allah’s Mathematics.
0 Cipher is the completion of a circle, or 360 degrees of Knowledge, Wisdom and
Understanding. A Cipher is any person, place or thing that has been made manifest or
born by Allah’s Wisdom. Allah’s Wisdom is Supreme Mathematics.

Five Percent N.G.E. – The Supreme Alphabet

A – Allah is the Supreme Being, The Original Man, Asiatic Black man of the planet Earth, God
of the Universe, Lord of all the worlds from the highest to the lowest, the orignal man, giver and
taker of life. Allah is the Original Man who has knowledge of self and to know self is to know all
things in existence. Allah is Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm supreme Head. Allah is the one who knows and
understands everything in the science of life. Allah is the original Asiatic Black Man , the maker,
the owner of the planet Earth who made the Holy Koran which he applies to every mile of land
one year to equal his home circumference, who is the All-Eye-Seeing – Allah see all.
B – Be or Born is the realm or state of being born into existence first physically then twice
mentally. Just as it takes 9 months to bring a child into this world physically, it takes 9 stages
from knowledge to born to be born mentally through Allah’s Mathematics. Those who haven’t
been born (twice) mentally are the 85%ers, the poison animal eaters, slaves of a mental death
and power, those who worship a mystery God. These are the ones who have to be born again.
Be gives birth to God. Born is to be aware of everything because everything is from the sun,
moon and stars or man, wombman and child or the past, present and future. Born is to be
complete and to give birth to culture ( I-God ). Knowing that everything is real.
C – See is to understand. At one time we couldn’t truly see the trick that was planted in our
path cause we had the all-eye mattress thrown over our eyes, but we have been born twice
and know that we are Allah, the Supreme Eye that can see all.
D – Divine or Destroy – In order for you to be divine you must sestroy all negative thoughts in
your brain by building on positive thaoughts and in this day and time the only way you can be
divine is by building with I-Self Lord And Master.
E – Equality is to deal equal in every form of knowledge with your a-alike in order to take back
the planet from the devil, who is the un-alike.
F- Father is to father ( fat-her ) the young with the knowledge of self which is righteousness
and by teaching them the science of everything in life which is love, peace and happiness.
G – God is the Supreme Being, the original man, the one who is a winner without an opponent
in everything he deals with, because God put all things here by wisdoming his power and
knowledging his equality from all things he builds upon.
H – He or Her One must refine Her with the knowledge of He, which is God, in order to build
and born a strong foundation to carry out civilization through the Queen ( her ).
I – I, ISLAM or Eye I means one’s self whose true culture is Islam. Islam is the only universal
way of life for the black man, wombman and child. Eye is the third Eye which is the mind. This
is Islam and the only one that knows and understands this is God, and God must resurrect the
dead with Islam, teaching that which brings them to freedom, justice and equality.
J – Justice is one’s reward or penalty depending upon his or her ways and actions. Justice is
Just-I-See-Equality being done. One is served justice depending upon his or her ways and
actions after being given the knowledge of a person, place or thing. All those who can’t deal
with mathematics wil be Just-Ice at 32 degrees below zero because they fail to understand the
wisdom of God, which deals just and true with all human families on the planet Earth. K – King or Kingdom The King is the founder of his kingdom so he must acknowledge the
knowledge in his cricumference so that he can enforce his laws to be recognized as being the
king of his kingdom.
L – Love, Hell or Right The love is the understanding, and misunderstanding is what brought
forth hell. But this is all going back to the degree of Supreme Wisdom, because this is the only
truth that is right and exact at all times.
M – Master is the one who has experienced a certain type of skill but the master of all is God
Allah, because he knows and understands all circumstances on Earth as well as in the
N – Now, Nation or End – Now is the time for the black man to end all his weak ways so that
the black nation on earth can uprise the knowledge of all its creation and put them all in order
once agin, or surely it will be their end, now. The Black man must build the righteous nation
now and put an end to the devil’s uncivilization.
O – Cipher is a person, place or thing complete within itself. It is most commonly called Cipher
because C-I-Power-Her through the equality that I gave her, which is the truth, and the truth is
360 degrees of purified knowledge.
P – Power Mental and physical powers of a devil is nothing in comparison to that of the
original man. The devil has 6 ounces of grafted brain which is weak and wicked 100%, but
God’s power is original, meaning the first, and possesses 7 & 1/2 ounces of brain which put all
things here, which is also 100%. The understanding in God is what makes him Allah. Power is
the Truth.
Q -Queen The most purified particle of Allah, better known as the true, rich black soil, the
mother of civilization who has the scale of justice within her but is still blind to her powers,
which is being queen of the universe and Earth below, but has the power to control both from
the energy that god gave her.
R – Rule or Ruler – God is the only ruler there is. By acknowledging his building powers and
making it born to all planets of the universe. Rules are given to those who are living a righteous
way of life and those rules are given by the king who is Allah, God is the only ruler there is, by
acknowleging his building powers they can go according to it and bear witness to who the
true ruler is.
S – Self or Savior You must be a savior to yourself, so that in the atmosphere you’re in you can
be capable of saving self for the best part, because self is the Nation of 5%’rs from knowledge
to born self.
T – Truth or Square – The truth is the only light that can stand by itself in the surrounding
darkness and yet be noticed shining in the square of the universe which is 360 degrees. When
Wisdom adds a Cipher, it shines that energy of Truth which breaks through the darkness.
U – You or Universe – You are the universe because you are the producer of the sun, moon
and stars, the Original People. When U-N-I-Verse we Wisdom the knowledge of God, which is
to reflect light from the body of God.
V – Victory Wisdom brings about a bad culture when one’s wisdom is destroying instead of
acting according to the way of life which makes the culture I-God, Islam, the only victory
known. Allah is victorious without competition. W – Wisdom is an expression of knowledge while the understanding brings about a clear
picture of both through the Eye of understanding. Wisdom is the wise words spoken by a wise
man. This is power. When Allah speaks it is called wisdom, for when he speaks it is like an
ocean that would never go dry. Wisdom is the wombman.
X – Unknown – Equality is unknown to those who don’t know themselves, the 85%’rs, dumb,
deaf and blind so-called Negroes that Need-to-Grow from their mental death and power,
because they are unknown to themselves. X is genetically the feminine and mother principle.
Y – Why is the question most frequently asked by those who are blind, deaf and dumb
because they don’t know how to wisdom their power to show and prove Y-U god manifesting
the making of God U – Y. Y is genetically the masculine and father principle.
Z – Zig-Zag-Zig meaning knowledge, wisdom and undesrtanding.