The Conflict Resolution Process  

If you find yourself in conflict with your brother or sister, within ANU, these are the stripes you must follow: 

  1. In secret confront the individual and explain to them what you see as the issue, the effect it is having on you/the community and what you see as a resolution. Listen to their side of the issue and strive to come to a place of common agreement, love, and respect. 
  2. If that is not possible, then bring two or 3 objective ANU members to hear each of your perspectives. This allows for the issues to be witnessed by those other than you two, in order to sustain the divinity of all parties involved. These witnesses will then provide solutions and perspectives based on our teachings and ways of life. 
  3. If this does not bring resolution that goes beyond logistics but, establishes and maintains peace, harmony, and respect then all (those in conflicts, and witnesses) must bring the matter up the ladder to the leadership of ANU. 
  4. The leadership will hear the matter and a judgement will be passed. This judgement is not debatable and is the final resolution. 
  5. If any party chooses not to comply with the judgement of leadership, at that point they will be removed from ANU as they are deemed non-members of this community and will be subject to disfellowship and excommunication. 

 This is the process. I will add a note for your own edification. In a sick culture, we are used to working side-by-side with individuals while holding great disdain for them and harboring resentment. WE will even attend arbitration and conflict resolution walking away soured with statements such as: 

  • “As long as they pay me, I don’t care.”
  • “I don’t have to like them to work with them.”
  • “We will just agree to disagree”

 This is tolerated in the world of demise and disorder but, within the proverbial, and physical walls, of ANU it will not be tolerated. We must be able to look beyond the  logistics of working together and focus on the principles that ought to bind us all together.  If that is not happening, someone is not fully invested into this movement or the overlying 14 keys that should be reshaping the minds of adherents.

Required Qualities for the ANU Man and Wombmyn

Man –  

Studious, industrious, strong, directed, knowledgable, self managed, has control of his  emotions, honorable, respectful, independent, mature, noble, non-possessive, filled with the spirit of Yah, guiding, creative, multi-skilled, vocal, courageous, responsible, active, loving, assertive, globally astute, debt-free, peaceful, unafraid  

 Wombmyn –  

Studious, industrious, receptive, wise, emotionally mature, submissive, cooperative, warm, virtuous, non-possessive, filled with the spirit of Yah, sisterly, productive, capable, accountable, active, tuned into the needs of the community, quiet, honest